Travel isn’t always pretty....

By HorizonNerd - April 26, 2020

I never thought of writing about travel incidents until I met one myself. I used to keep hearing things from friends, read posts and news, but things change when I actually experienced something myself. Which actually reminds me of one the popular quote from Anthony Bourdain

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.

So let’s see: what good I can find in my eventful journey This particular incident you will come to know in a moment has changed me in many ways. It has given me a new perspective to see things, a strong feeling of gratitude that a lot worse could have happened and learning in terms of preparedness for all future travels.

Well, we were on 15 days vacation to Spain and Portugal. Initially 4-5 we visited a bunch of cities and had fun visiting places always wanted to. Weather was pleasant mostly but in some of It was almost raining off/on. From Granada to Marbella drive we had 2 villages and Castillo de Colomares to cover initially but because of continuous drizzling, we cut short our itinerary to just one stop.

Frigiliana - this name still gives me chills, its been 3 months but still I wish if I could go back and wipe this moment from my life. Trust me there is nothing wrong with the place it’s the kind of memories you make from it. We started out day from Granada it was a warm and sunny morning everything was as planned. By the time we reached Frigiliana, it started drizzling though it was light but still enough to soak a person in 15-20 mins of walk. We decided not to take out our 3-year-old from the car and wait for some time for the weather to change. Finally, we ended up going one by one husband went and came back after 30mins or so and he was pretty impressed with the place. The way he described I couldn’t resist to go out a take a stroll even though we were getting late.

So finally I slipped into my wind sheeter and started walking uphill where I was supposed to take stairs to reach some point. Meanwhile, I was stunned by the beauty and quaintness of the town. The white-washed houses of the village provide a stunning contrast with the vibrant blue skies, painted doors, and beautiful flowers in colorful plant pots. Everything was just perfect!

The moment I reached uphill there were 4-5 ppl were walking ahead of me, I engrossed looking up to the beauty of the scene and wasn’t paying much attention to the road below my feet. At one moment I stopped for a second and decided to go one step down and click my first picture of the day and snap!!!. My left leg slipped and right feet twisted in a way that I was lying flat on road next moment. Call it a mindset or travel enthusiasm I still got up and started walking within a couple of steps I figured that there is something wrong happened with me. My ankle was deformed and couldn’t bear my body weight. With all this going on drizzling turned into pouring and it became almost impossible to walk because of water on a downhill road. Anyhow, I was able to reach some point where I called my husband and told him about my injury.

Now begins the actual fight. We tried finding some hospital, pharmacy nearby but nada. The only pharmacy in town was closed by 3 pm. By this time my ankle was swollen enough that I couldn’t recognize it and pain don’t even want to think about. We called the hotel in Marbella where we had a booking for the night and he suggested to go to the city hospital Marbella. It was 2hrs of drive and we had no option left. Anyways we reached hospital checked in to the emergency trauma center. There was a lot going on with us at the same time: language issues, hungry, sleepy 3-year-old was getting restless and we were depressed and worried about the seriousness of the problem. After 7 hours of pain and struggle, I ended up like this 

Now after 3 months and 7 days why I am sitting home in front of my laptop and writing all this. Trust me I have no intention to scare someone or create the wrong impression about traveling. But It is obvious to get why me etc. kind of thoughts but pause for a moment see the flip side what bad could have happened: it’s just me who was grounded but still we finished out travel as we planed and came back with tons of good travel memories. I can’t deny the fact that this incident has changed me in many ways. It a hard way to learn the fact that “Travel isn’t always pretty….” injuries heal in some time but what we have to learn remains for the rest of life. 
At last my thanks and respect to all strangers who helped me that day. I have no way to reach out to those people but their kindness will always warm my heart.

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