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By HorizonNerd - April 28, 2020

“It's a city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid at once liquid, at once air and stone” - Erica Jong

Venice is a type of place described in romantic novels, every corner of the city is made for a romance. Completely running on water, Venice is a city to walk, and walking is the best way to explore any place. The memory of my first Venice trip will stay with me forever. It must be the most romantic, Beautiful jaw-dropping journey I've ever made.

Venice is small, you can walk one end to another in less than an hour. And personally, we just like to wander without any specific agenda and maps in hand.

No picture of Venice is complete without Gondola--a thousand-year-old traditional Venetian boat is unique of its kind. It takes the visitor on a magical, winding journey down the Grand Canal, between houses, past palaces, churches, and museums.

Gondolas are one of the highly recommended/ must-do attractions of Venice, but we being a budget-minded traveler opted out to pay 80 - 100 euros for single 30 min rides. It was more fun watching gondolas going up and down, gondoliers singing. We choose to purchase the Vaporetto(water-bus) pass for 3 days(€30 I guess), it's clean, safe, and economic and gives the flexibility to hop in hop off. It is the most convenient way to click the picturesque and historic buildings. 

Grand Canal is actually "THE GRAND" canal. Whether it's strolling along the miles of cobblestone pathways, crossing one (or all) of the many stunning bridges, or cruising the waterway on a Vaporetto, or another boat, no visit to Venice is complete without experiencing the Grand Canal. When we first saw, we were pretty gobsmacked at its beauty. The snaking water with beautiful old buildings and palaces lined on the sides. Every angle, every turn you move your camera, you are bound to get a good picture. The action along the canal, the gondoliers rowing their gondolas, the houses lining down. Just wow!!

Evidently it is the only way to approach St Mark's Square is - according to Napoleon, who referred to it as the "finest drawing room in all Europe" The square is surrounded by a sort of a bland of architecture on three sides, but the fourth is nice, with the Campanile di San Marco(clock tower), cathedral and bell tower there to break up the monotony.
Campanile di San Marco - however ticket to go up is a bit expensive(€10), but it's worth spending, you can see all Venice, over to the mainland, Lido, Murano, etc. It definitely gives you a whole new perspective of Venice. It also gives you a good view of San Marco Square. You can easily take pictures through the square netting. And if you can time it so you are there when the bells ring--it's cool. 

Never forget the Ponte di Rialto. As an iconic spot of Venice, it attracts tourists throughout the day. Getting to the bridge is easy. One can either take a nice 10-minute walk from Piazza San Marco or take the Vaporetto. There is a "Rialto" stop along the Yellow Route. When the bridge is illuminated and reflected in the water it's romantic. The shops and markets at Rialto make you realize, you are in the heart of Venice. 

The uniqueness and splendor of Venice lie in the fact it is an island surrounded inside and outside by the water. The absence of any motor traffic on the island does not mean one is left to the despair of only walking to see the various lovely sites and unique spots that make Venice, A walk along the pathway near the Grand Canal from Ponte di Rialto to St Mark's Square and having dinner at a nice waterside restaurant is truly romantic and memorable experience.

Some pointers:- 
  • We brought 48 hrs to pass for Vaporetto, which saved the ticket purchase time and easy hop-on hop-off in any stop
  • Be careful with a gypsy group of pickpockets, even children come begging and steal
  • Always keep some extra change in euros otherwise you will end up paying US$ for equivalent or more amount
Thanks for reading. Happy traveling!!! 👋

Statistics - 
  • Started from - Campo Santa Maria del Giglio
  • ∑ Miles walked - 4.7
  • ∑ Time spent - 2.5 days

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