17 best spots for night photography in London

By HorizonNerd - April 28, 2020

London is one of the most illuminated and happening cities in the world, and one of the most photographed as well. 
Let’s get started with some of our favorite spots to shoot London’s historic and landmark locations. We started from Tower Bridge and then moved onto some other locations around Central London.

Tower Bridge - 
London’s iconic Tower Bridge is worth crossing, not only for its amazing structure but also for the view that offers. 
You can get good Instagram from both sides of the river. Although it's always a busy type of place - there is enough space on both sides to set up your tripod and compose pictures.

Tower of London - 
We got some good shots of the Tower of London from the opposite side of the river after getting down from Tower Bridge. Setup your gear near railings to get the great reflections in the river. 
London’s Skyline - 
Now since you are already there in front of City hall, the best view of the cityscape is right in front of you. Enjoy clicking those skyscrapers illuminating during clear winter.
This picture we clicked while crossing the Tower Bridge 

Walk path between London Bridge to Tower Bridge- 
Keep walking towards the London bridge, it's a happening walk day and night. A lot of street vendors, performers and great vistas alongside the river
Location Walk Path

London Bridge - 
"London Bridge Is Falling Down".........! 😊 
London bridge is an actual “the bridge” - because for nearly two thousand years it occupies the same place. We loved to stand on this iconic bridge to watch the busy river traffic and look at the wonderful view towards the Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, and the Tower of London.
Location - Walk the path
Southwark Bridge 
Southwark Bridge can be captured completely If you are walking along the bankside footpath between Shakespeare's Globe and Clink Street Prison area. The bridge was built in 1921 and is one of the more decorative ones across the Thames. It is nicely floodlit at night and affords great views of The Shard, HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge.
Location - Bankside Pier
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus is a “never disappoint” place, go there to get stunning views when lights are on. Apart from photography, it's also the most lively place to hang out in London.
Covent Garden 
Covent Garden a place with a lot of picture opportunities, spends a few hours browsing the colorful shops and watching the street entertainers. During festival season every street is illuminated with Christmas tree and decorations. 
Location - Every street is picturesque 😊
Trafalgar Square 
Great place filled with culture and architecture. So happening and there is always something going on in Trafalgar square. Must visit spot for photos.
Location - Trafalgar Square
Millennium Bridge
The Millenium Bridge is an instantly recognizable bridge across the River Thames because of Its impressive architectural style. It provides a nice comfortable walk particularly in the evenings since it's a pedestrian-only bridge. Enjoy great views of St. Paul and River.
Location - Peter's Hill
Ever since we got married, I have always been fascinated for all those romantic “hands in hand” walks. Movies could be one of the reasons, Southbank tops in all those locations I had in mind. 
Location - Southbank walk
Oxford Street
One of my favorite street for window shopping. This bustling street is like a paradise for photographers. Just stroll around and if it's a festival don't miss the special decorations.
Location - Oxford Street

The Westminster Bridge & Big Ben
Another beautiful bridge across the River Thames with great views of the iconic London skyline. A great spot to capture some fantastic photos of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye.
Houses of Parliament
Unfortunately, during our London visit the iconic clock tower - Big Ben was all camouflaged for renovation. Still, we were able to capture some good clicks from the other side of the road
The London eye
The best time to click the London eye is at night. We went to the opposite side of the river near the pier to get an uninterrupted view from the front. 
Harrods - 
Harrods is famous for its sheer size and glamour, but for its decoration/lights were enough to stay there. 
Hyde Park - 
Apart from a lot of food and many rides go there to get good clicks. This place looks amazing in the night, with all glaring rides going up and down, illuminating food stalls and festival decorations around.

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