Mobor beach - the hidden gem of Goa

By HorizonNerd - April 27, 2020

Now here comes the question - Why Goa? Well!! It's a big story but who cares 😁💃. 
We have been on many trips in the last 3-4 years but, this trip, in particular, is “special” for us. Why? You already know by now. Yes!!! This was our honeymoon trip.💕

Journey - We reached Karmali station via Indian Railways. That was a journey of 9 hrs. We can even write another post on our train journey but let's leave it for now Huh!!

From the station, it was around 50 Kms ride to the resort. 

As soon as we arrived, we couldn't resist getting a glimpse of the beach. We took a small unpaved road that passes by the resort.

First impression - The sun was about to set, and dusk settled over the ocean. Beach was nearly vacant and surprisingly clean. Soft and powdery sand, warm water and fantastic low hills of western ghat in background.just perfect!!

Location - Mobor beach is a long wide beach that stretches till Betul beach. Our favorite pastime used to be to just keep strolling on the beach during sunset until it became dark. Be there at the edge of wet sand, where every wave keeps touching your feet. We spent the entire 4-5 days of our holiday enjoying and relaxing on a sunbed, which is provided free to customers at the shacks.🍹 

The river meets the ocean - If you keep walking till the southernmost end of Betul beach, there is an endpoint where river Sal meets the Arabian sea. From one end, it appears as a small bay with the road on the other side. This is an amazing place to get some quiet time, by doing nothing. 

Some Pointers -
  • Being vegan, we never tried anything in shacks apart from a couple of drinks. Some restaurants nearby serve amazing food, great value for money too
  • Forgoing around, we rented a bike from a local dealer. Just fill gas up, wear a helmet and all set ready to ride
  • To get some good Instagram, explore nearby fishing villages and ruins of some forts
  • There are tons of tattoo studios available if you love to have one
  • There are some tour operators that offer dolphin tours. It starts from the river to the ocean but we never tried it
Statistics - 
Started from - Mumbai
∑ Miles driven - 100+
∑ Miles walked - ∞
∑ Time spent - 5 days

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