The pearl of Lake Como - Bellagio

By HorizonNerd - April 27, 2020

Even if It's a celebrity wedding or an awesome Instagram picture posted by a friend - I’ve been listening about Como for various reasons. I’ve had this dream to be there and to experience and explore this place in person and better to see something than to hear about it a thousand times. During our 2018 Switzerland trip magically we happened to have an extra day.. and apart from Lake Como what else I could wish for. Thanks to my dearest hubby to such a long ride from Lucerne to Bellagio and back, just to bring this dream of mine into reality 

It was a bright and sunny day in August, we packed ourselves for a day trip and started from Lucerne early in the morning. After 3 hours of non-stop driving, we finally arrived at Como, since Como was not the final destination we quickly browsed some lakeside visa points almost immediately headed towards Bellagio. 

We forced GPS and took a bit longer but a lakeside route. The choice of this route probably comes as no surprise, It was a fun-filled bumpy ride with amazing views over the lake from a narrow road for both ongoing and incoming traffic.

Since we were driving from Como we again made some quick stops along the route at small villages. About halfway between Como and Bellagio, Nesso is a quaint and charming village. We spend an hour just strolling around in up and downhill roads and enjoying the lakeside sunshine. It was a nice lazy break from our very long drive.

While googling about Nesso I found the description in the words of Leonardo da Vinci(Codex Atlanticus) himself - “Two miles higher up there is Nesso, a place where a river falls with great violence into a vast rift in the mountain. These trips are to be made in the month of May.”

Standing on the visa point, looking up at the gorge, who knows! but we may even have been standing in exactly the same spot where Leonardo da Vinci once stood. Honestly, It’s like any other waterfall but the surroundings were very picturesque.

Bellagio is definitely a must-do when you’re in Lake Como. This cute little dreamy town has caught our attention with its quaint narrow steep walkways, scenic, cafe-lined waterfront and pastel-colored fishermen’s houses provide a perfect landscape for photography. No wonder Bellagio is one of Italy’s prettiest lakeside towns which perfectly captures the essence of “dolce far niente”.

Arriving at Bellagio by ferry is probably the most convenient way to arrive. Ferry’s are frequent and you can carry your car along. The dock is located at the heart of town, ferry drops you at the busiest street full of tourists, musicians, shops, cafes all around. 

We wandered the streets and alleys of this charming town over a course of several hours, each time with an eye to capture its postcard-perfect beauty in our camera. Colorful buildings secret alleyways leading to another street with any shops and so much to explore in just 1 day. 

It was already getting late and we have to head back to our base(Lucerne), still, we couldn't resist the to try the 5-minute walkthrough to the northernmost tip of the triangle that divides the lake into two parts. This place was a bit less crowded with tourists and we had a much wider view of the fantastic lake and the surrounding mountains.

While going back to the car park we took a different route and walked from the western part of town. It was a mostly uphill walk from the amazing view of the sunset over the lake and empty streets. We had an amazing day with this totally unplanned trip and promised ourselves to come back for a longer and relax trip. 

Some Pointers -
  • Euro is the only accepted currency in town, in case if you are coming from Swiss(just like us) carry some change in euro with you
  • We never tried any food apart from a couple of drinks and gelato. Some restaurants nearby serve amazing food, great value for money too
  • Arriving at Bellagio by ferry is probably the most convenient way to arrive and walking is the best way to explore
  • In case you are driving from Como scenic lakeside route is recommended
Statistics - 
Started from - Lucerne (Switzerland)
∑ Miles driven - 293
∑ Miles walked - 3.4
∑ Time spent - 1 day

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