4 Fairytale Villages of Alsace

By HorizonNerd - April 27, 2020

Alsace, France, or Germany? It is hard to tell. Good food, good wine, and some of the quaintest towns in Europe. The entire region is well conserved and a UNESCO-listed natural regional park. We visited Alsace in the summer of 2018 and according to locals: It was the second hottest summer on record in France. Trust me we had fun strolling around in 35C+ temperature when It was only rare moments when the sun goes behind the clouds. Although the bright sun is usually not desired for photography and it’s always nice to have a mix, but we still tried to make the best out of it.

Thann - We started our driving from Mulhouse and Thann was the first village en route. “Breathtaking” is the only word that comes in mind when we first stepped into the village, serene countryside, charming cobblestone streets, bold painted half-timbered houses and colorful flowers hanging out from the window, a fairytale isn’t it?

Éguisheim - is our favorite village out of all 4 mentioned here, no wonder it is one of the most visited places of this region. Éguisheim feels like Disney movie set comes real, even the most perfect click can’t capture the beauty of this place. Just endlessly wander into the quiet streets and lose yourself in this vivid village. The main square is at the center of the village surrounded by colorful buildings, cafes, and some good music going on in the background by the street performer. We wanted to throw our rest of the itinerary into the wind and wanted to stay here forever even though 2 – 3 hours is more than enough to see and enjoy the village.

Colmar - The center and capital of the Alsatian specialties and remarkably well-preserved medieval town. Lovely waterways, cute buildings, and winding streets give a feel of Venice. The famous “La Petite Venise” which means “Little Venice” is a quintessential Colmar area it's a must when you visit! Take a wandering in the covered market and then walk around the small shops and bakeries.

Don't miss the Statue of Liberty while leaving the Colmar, If you are approaching or leaving Colmar to form north (Strasbourg) this statue will appear in the middle of a roundabout. Yes!!, Bartholdi, the sculptor of the super famous Statue of Liberty is native from Colmar.

Obernai - While you are there in Alsace, Obernai is a town that you shouldn't miss. The medieval part of the city is beautiful and well conserved, there is a nice chapel tower, historic houses and a vineyard trail to visit. Like all other places, the house's facade is painted in harmonic colors, with lots of flowers and old renaissance wells everywhere gives a great photo opportunity. 

Statistics - 
Started from - Mulhouse
∑ Miles driven -169.9
∑ Miles walked - 4.3
∑ Time spent - 3 days

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