Applying Schengen visa(Spain) from USA

By HorizonNerd - April 26, 2020

So before I go any further, let me tell you this was our third Schengen visa. We already knew most of the process including forms, documents so why again I am writing here about Schengen visa? This blog is mostly our experience with the General Consulate of Spain in San Francisco and the end to end steps we followed. The process is mostly the same and here it goes 

  • Copy and original of Passport and US Visa/Green Card
  • Passport size photographs(2X2)
  • Pay stubs - 3 Months
  • Bank statement - 3 months
  • Employment letter
  • Medical Insurance certificate
  • Address proof for current address(Driver’s license, utility bill, etc)
  • Booking details(round trip flight, train, and hotel)
  • Tax documents
  • Cover letter - Purpose of visit and details of a planned visit
  • Print of appointment slip
  • Return mailing envelope USPS, FedEx(I am not sure because in their website its mentioned that only in-person pickup is possible)

How to apply:- 
Create a login and book appointment from consulate general of Spain website
Download visitor visa form fill for all relevant details from here. Sign and affix the passport picture in the form. Visit Spain consulate general office in (San Francisco in our case) with the original passport(s) and all other documents. Fingerprints will be taken at the consulate
They will keep the form, photograph(s), copies of required documents. After payment, you will be provided with receipt(s). Track the visa status here with receipt number and DOB.

  • Get an appointment early! It’s really important to get an appointment in advance because they are busy and dates are always full.
  • Cash is accepted but its good to carry the exact change.
  • Try not to carry any big backpacks. Cell phones and car keys need to be left outside.
  • All passports need to be collected in person, one person from family cant collect for all.

  • Time taken to figure out how to apply - 1 weekend
  • Time taken to fill the application - 2 evenings
  • End to end processing time after submitting passports - 24 hrs

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