Wander through history - Edinburgh's old town

By HorizonNerd - April 08, 2018

The Old Town of Edinburgh has its own charm, no trip to Edinburgh would be complete without visiting its old town. Though I do not understand architecture, I must say the buildings of Old Town are absolutely magnificent, beautiful and so mysterious. A must-see place to appreciate what the old Scotland was like.
Both medieval Old Town and Georgian New Town of Edinburgh belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Simply wander around this lovely town and discover new and ancient adventures, it is like every building has its own story to tell. While many of the shops are touristy, they're generally staffed by friendly people who enjoy a good chat.

It’s impressive from a historic point-of-view as well. All buildings are medieval, huge rock constructions in gray and black tones. This is a delight the old mixing with the new. Quaint shops, pubs, hotels, museums, everything works inside the old buildings. The little alleyways leading off it, and you will be rewarded with forgotten gardens and wonderfully intricate architecture. You can almost get a sense of how life might have been 100 years ago if it weren't for all the cars going up and down the streets 

Some buildings have two entrances, one from the natural bottom and one from streets which are also bridges. Victoria street is one of the best examples of that. This colorful street looks like a rainbow from end to end. Enjoy the colorful facades of the buildings, and then wander around, best to do it aimlessly and just discover it yourself 😊

During pre-Christmas season decorations in Old Town are special. Every street is decorated and exclusive festival market illuminating at night, is a big part of the fun.

Some pointers:- 

  • We have used the “Ringo” app for parking, finding a car park is challenging on weekdays

  • Weather in Edinburgh is unpredictable, wear layered clothes and carry a rain jacket or umbrella

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, there is a lot of walking involved in Old Town streets

  • Knitwear shops located at Royal mile and princess street are bit expensive, but some shops located at internal streets are of reasonable price


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