Akaroa - an oasis of peace

By HorizonNerd - April 13, 2018

My love for lighthouses is never-ending, who can find romance in lighthouses the way we do 🙈. Irrespective of whichever country we are, we can sniff them like a greyhound. We try to visit at least 2-3 of them on every trip.

We started our drive from Christchurch, and it was a nice drive with beautiful vistas throughout. During the entire drive, you will find endlessly spread lush greenery and sheep, Beautiful!!. 

The name "Akaroa" means "long harbor", during the 18th century it used to be a major harbor of the Canterbury region. It is located at a pleasant hillside location with the bay in front and the mountains towering behind. The town is a  french heritage and development owed a lot to the Marists from France who pioneered there.

Catholic St. Patrick's Akaroa  - This little green church in Akaroa, located on a foothill, was nice. We found this on our walk around the village, it's quaint but still much in use. We never went inside but had stunning views over the bay, there was a well-maintained lawn and beautiful rose garden next to it.
It has a little history behind it, this 1840s mission church was rebuilt 40 years later. Nice little church with a cosey local feeling to it

Akaroa lighthouse - This beautiful wooden lighthouse was moved to its present location about 3 decades ago and is now maintained by volunteers. The lighthouse can be included in a pleasant walk with views on the harbor. Just a couple minutes away from the St. Patrick's on foot.
Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed during our visit, but it was still worth visiting. The views of the harbor and the town were great. 

Some pointers:- 

  • The road is a bit slow and windy, and when if it is raining be careful while driving

  • During weekends parking is busy, grab some slot in outer and walk around

  • The village can be covered end to end on foot

  • Lighthouse opens only on Sundays for 3 hours, the entry fee is $2/person


Started from 


∑ Miles drove 


∑ Miles walked 


∑ Time spent 

6 hrs

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