Travelling while pregnant

By HorizonNerd - March 02, 2018

Pregnancy and travel why? Now? Is it really required? And so on….

We faced # of such questions when we disclosed our trip plan to friends and family. But trust me one should plan one. It's not only for you it's for that tiny little 💝 beating next to yours. Who can feel everything, that fresh breeze of air, gigantic snowcap mountains, cashing sound of ocean waves and piping hot cup of chocolate in chilling weather 😊

Well, you might able to guess by now that I am saying all this from my personal experience. Yes!! We have been to some crazy trips in 1st trimester and 2 weeks of babymoon in New Zealand during the start of 3rd trimester. 

Here are some points which I can recall, may help you to plan your babymoon

  • Pregnancy travel depends on individual situations, and needless to say that planning must be followed by 👍 your doctor. I can say from my experience there is no good or unsafe travel time during pregnancy. Even if it's first or third trimester you have to remain alert and careful every time
  • Check with the airline if they allow you to board, some airlines have policies for pregnant women
  • Check your insurance provider in they cover any emergency in a particular country
  • Some visa forms require you to mention, you are pregnant in the duration of stay and you are not planning to give birth there
  • Keep in mind that you will be slow this time. So if you have big plans take enough holidays otherwise do a short and fun trip considering sufficient rest time
  • Check your prenatal health care provider for any screening or tests scheduled during your holidays
  • Travel advisories are usually generic but it's good to check before you proceed with bookings
  • Take a medical certificate signed by your doctor and your due date mentioned on it.
  • Carry your required medicines) with prescription - prenatal vitamins or anything else to take
  • Drink a lot of water - keep yourself well hydrated. This will increase your washroom trips and you will force getting up, stretch, and take a short walk.
  • Wear comfortable clothes - it's good to wear in layers. Easy to take out for sudden hot flashes and put it back next moment when you start shivering
  • Refrain from watching horror movies in flight -it's irresistible though 🙈
While roaming:-
  • If you are renting a car try to get the comfortable one with ample of legroom and space for stretching
  • Do a good grocery trip and get enough fruits, snacks, juices, and water, etc. We used to keep all bags full with snacks ready at the back seat of a car for any sudden cravings
  • Don't hesitate to walk - even if you are slow don't limit yourself in the car. Take a good walk around nature and beaches
At last - trust your intuition and god and don’t forget to save your doctor’s number on your phone. Text/call him whenever you are in doubt

  • # of trips done during pregnancy - 2 (Int’l and domestic 1 each)
  • ∑ duration - 5 weeks
  • Traveled during - 1st and 3rd trimester
  • # of sickness issues - 0
  • # of questions asked by the family before travel - ∞

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