A small town to get lost - Whitby

By HorizonNerd - March 16, 2018

Do you ever wish to be there in a small town? A small town to get lost in, let go of pollution and breathe in the good air. Totally downsized lifestyle at least for a day. 

After all active holidays in huge and shiny cities, we were craving to spend some time in a small town. Though Whitby was already there in the plan, it was not the only place planned for the day. 

Whitby was the first coastal town during the UK visit. It was a day trip and we wanted to keep it relax. Just the lazy strolling, having coffee, watching the ocean, lot many conversations and pictures. 😊

Whitby abbey - Before entering into the town we wanted to cover the Whitby abbey, We drove over the hill. Apart from the abbey itself, it's a good place to get the view of the city and bay. So decided to spend some time and roam around. 

The Town - first impression of the town was charming, quaint, and cold. Yes!! It's too windy, not sure if it's the usual weather in the town. Streets were reasonably crowded and mostly near the harbor and in the market. We parked in one of the paid parking on the main street and started walking from there. 

Market - Spread over small streets, looks like a miniature of Shambles(York). We quickly browsed it for collectibles and craft items. Since we were more interested in the harbor area, didn't felt like spending much time in the market 

Whitby Harbour - Connected with a small swing bridge, Whitby harbor is an interesting place. The small cobbled street looks happening and active. Full of shops and old fashioned little pubs, with many options to eat and drink. 

Piers - The walk along with the lighthouse was fun. Lighthouse and pier area was great just to stand and look it along with the coastline, sand and cliffs. Beautiful!!. Such lovely scenery to sit and relax overlooking the sea and harbor.
Some Pointers - 
  • 199 steps is highly recommended for going to Whitby Abbey, however we couldn't take it with baby stroller.
  • Whitby is also famous for its fish and chips, being vegan we never tried it
  • Segals can attack you in a group by seeing the food in hand
Thanks for reading. Happy traveling!!! 👋
Statistics - 
  • Started from - York
  • ∑ Miles driven - 51
  • ∑ Miles walked - 1.2
  • ∑ Time spent - 5 hrs

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