A rainy night in Dublin

By HorizonNerd - March 12, 2018

Dublin is one of the most vibrant cities we visited recently. Even on a cold rainy night, the streets were full and shiny. Not only it has heritage but so many new and exciting things can also be done. 

The main part of the city is around the river Liffey and river also divides the north and south of the city. On both sides of the river, it has good markets and tons of options are there to eat, drink and shop. 

Dublin is small for a capital city as compared to London, Rome, etc, but it has a lot of statues scattered all over the city. We came also across with some such interesting statues while walking.

I am not sure how many of you would agree but we found it a good place for food as well. A lot of options for eating and cafes are there. On a rainy night, a hot cup of chocolate was a big help.

We were there in November and streets and buildings were decorated with Christmas decorations. This is also a good season for shopping, festival sale and offers were on in stores.

Some pointers:
  • There is a reason Ireland is so green because it rains all the time. So never forget your umbrella and raincoat while going out
  • We took Ryan Air from Edinburgh and found it good low-cost airlines. Just manage your check-in baggage weight
  • Southern Ireland is not a part of the UK. it's a separate country so you need Euros. And if your return flight is from the UK you need a multiple entry visa for the UK too 😊
  • We were staying near The Portobello, this place is strategically located at the center of the city, with all amenities available nearby
Statistics - 
  • Started from - Edinburgh 
  • ∑ Miles walked - 4.9 😓
  • ∑ Time spent - 2 days

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