Montreal by night

By HorizonNerd - March 22, 2018

We are both(me and my husband) totally obsessed with night photography 🙈, and this is one of our mandatory activities for every trip. Usually, we move out during twilight and keep strolling till midnight, hunting for the challenging spots to get some good Instagram.

Capturing the cityscapes during night hours gives an interesting perspective. One of the great ways to think about light in dark 😊.

Now!why Montreal? Honestly, I have no answer for that, Some trips, days. Moments are different, and I believe everyone has their own reasons 😀 

Here I thought of mentioning some spots we have identified

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal - Even if it is day or night, Notre-Dame Basilica and Place d'Armes are a feast for the eyes. Giant roman pillars of buildings are illuminated with blue lights, which comes as a highlight in the image. We haven't been there inside due to a long queue. 

The old port of Montreal - This place was fun especially when the temperature is -2, Old Port offers a nice experience along the water. Not sure, it's because all shops were closed or weather, It wasn't insanely crowded by the time we reached. There are historic markers to guide and tell the story of the old port’s history. A lot of opportunity to click and all at the walkable distance. 

Giant wheel ride looks amazingly glowing from distance with the backdrop of the black sky. 


We walked till Clocktower quay but couldn't capture it since it was all dark that day. Sat there for some time to get a nice view of the city across the river and Montreal Biosphère. 

Jacques Cartier Bridge nearby is picturesque, which spans over the St-Lawrence River. The bridge is completely illuminated during night, all covered by a series of lights that keep changing colors periodically. These lights beautifully complement the structure and highlight its shapes. 

After spending a couple of hours in old port we drove till Montreal Biosphère and crossed Jacques Cartier Bridge. 

Some pointers: -

  • If you are visiting during the winter, wear some good warm clothes. Needless to say, the late hours of the night are cold

  • Parkings are expensive near the old port. But if you go to any street towards the city center, find some paid parking meters and walk from there

  • It’s recommended walking over Jacques Cartier Bridge to get the nice view of city and river

Thanks for reading. Happy traveling!!! 👋


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Downtown Montreal

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4 hr 56 min

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